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the ending really surprised me, i was not expecting that twist 


It's a good game. It joined the list of games that made me saddest with this ending.

Congratulations on the job!

Such a good game. It's got a good style to it and the story turns pretty dark which I enjoyed. Very well made 10/10 

Pretty good little horror experience for being made in one day!
Always like a little home invasion horror, the style I enjoyed very much.
Was creepy in the vein of thinking about it afterwards and what happened.
Another good one by Sir Tartarus!

I really enjoyed this game…until I saw the ending lol. 

Someone Knocks the Door


This was uh... Really creepy.
And not in the way you expect...

Amazing art style, interesting premise and a twist that hits hard! Loved it!

I had so much with this game. Definitely didn't expect it to get me as bad as it did, well done!

Loved it!

I LOVE the style of this game !! I hate the twist and that I cant do anything about it ! I REALLY wish games like this had two different endings ! Your game is second and starts at 07:03

Holy shit. Can't say anything else about it without spoilers :)

Interesting style choice, sad music and a creepy twist. It was a nice game!
Still waiting for After the Curtain Call act 2 =)


Thanks for playing! and no worries, After The Curtain Call is coming revamping a bit Act 1 and with the new Act 2. Really really soon now, in the next two months :D

Vraiment cool et original 

J'ai adoré!

Good job =)


Aside the bug I came across where the ending scene occurs sooner, it was really fun! Good work :)

Really great game! Was totally not expecting the end! (All my comments are at the end of the video).

Its an interesting game, well done

I liked it! loved the style, and was not expecting that ending!

Este juego fué hecho solo en un día? Impresionante

I found a bug; at the beginning of the game, in the kitchen, it's possible for the thief to appear much earlier than the game expected. I think it's by clicking or being near the window? It also teleported me to the daughter's rook. Maybe the game thought I was captured before?


Yeah, sorry about that! It will be fixed as soon as I get back to Spain. Thanks!

Made a video

Pretty morbid game! Did not expect that ending at all! Kind of a mind scrambler! Great joB!

Comments below clip:

Loved the style. Loved the story, although saddening. If you've made it in one 1 day... Wow!

Looking forward to your next installment.

Well done!

Short, but loved the art style! The twist at the end though! Thought our guy was a little odd. Here is my playthrough, keep up the good work! 

Short but not bad at all. Made a video on it.

Really good game as always. The twist got me very well. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Excellent game, this Plot twist surprised me

(Oh and sorry for censoring the game I felt like I should)

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great game for 1 day of work man

crazy twist at the end