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Your uncle, an employee from Mojang Studios, the company that develops Minecraft; has disappeared with no seeming reason. Sad for your uncle, you go to your room to play that same game, still unknowing of the answers you would be getting.

A Craft Of Mine is a Minecraft based small horror game, made as a side project.
All textures in the 3D space belong to Mojang Studios. Minecraft belongs to Mojang Studios.


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Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(70 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Action, Platformer
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer


ACraftOfMine.zip 185 MB


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I would like to help you translate the texts in Spanish for free. to enjoy the experience in Spanish

Este juego fue hecho en dos semanas, asi que ni tuve tiempo ni me centré en traducirlo, pero de hacerlo no sería ningún problema xd, soy español.

Muy amable de todos modos :)

A Craft Of Mine | ตามหาลุงที่หายตัวไปในเกมส์ Minecraft


Nice project and update the A Craft Of Mine?

very cool project 

I can't even begin to imagine the amount of work that went into this. The fact that there was even a boss fight towards the end was so much fun. Thank you! 

(Third game of the video)

A solid experience, thanks for the work that went into this!

Gameplay en español completo 


i actually kinda liked this game

This was an experience lol

No, its cringe


YO! This was so good! Thank you for putting it out into the world! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! 

my computer wont let me play 

We need MORE!!!

How do I change the game resolution?

Loved the Game!! German Gameplay here! <3 ↓

Everytime I died I would spawn back at a save point but near the end it had restarted the entire game . Im not sure why it did that . Overall though it is a very enjoyable Indie game . I love the idea of a horror Minecraft game!


Shut the f*** up

nice game。i will play it and make video in a China website to support you and make they come。

I know it's a good game. Because I've seen a video of playing this game. It's really interesting.

I really like your games, I know this may be a big ask but it would be nice to have some macOS versions

(1 edit)

For some reason this game opens steam vr

Yeah, unreal does that. I will fix that if I update it sometime

(1 edit) (+1)

I liked it!

The story felt a bit weird, however, not bad for being a short game.

Sadly there was no Minecraft Hotbar, but I am no game dev, so I do not know how you would even add those lol

There was more content than I thought, which pleasantly surprised me.

At the throne room (I assume it is) it would have been cool if the music was played in something like Noteblock Studio, but I also understand that there is the possibility that the music was some royalty free music, so that is not really a criticism  or anything. Just would have fit the whole Minecraft feel more.

Before the elevator there was a lighting glitch, which is visible in my video, I made a joke about how it is “just like in Minecraft”. But it could be that the lights just took more time to load, as they did come back shortly after.

The doors texture seems to be flipped on one side, I do not know if you are aware of that, I just wanted to mention it!

But all in all, not bad, I’ll definitely check out your other projects!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

I did not add the hotbar because I wanted it to be more immersive and that would justify not being able to change items and the crafting tables working like in Minecraft: Story Mode.

About the music, that is a great idea. I wanted to make a church song (that's what it is xd), but maybe I should have thought of using noteblocks.

The light glitch is something I know is there and I jokingly said the same thing when playtesting. Idk how to get it away without messing it up more so there it may stay.

Thanks a lot!


Hey man just a heads up for the next time, I believe you made a development build. I accidentally pressed Unreal debug terminal button and it's enabled, letting me control some things in the game that may break the experience for other people. I didn't find any links where I could message you this besides here. Cheers!


Yeah, sorry about that! I recently found out that happened. Next time I'll find out a way to fix it. Thanks!






The dialogue and plot was a bit wacky and convoluted at times, but still enjoyable for a short indie experience.

I had fun though it was shorter than I expected, I think it would have been fun to know more of the story. Regardless I recommend and I was a bit spooked and pleasantly surprised.

This was pretty fun.

Knockoff minecraft

That's the point, yeah



ah yes laughing ass my off

A very fun game but kind of short! 

(1 edit)

This was so good! Loved the different creative *badum tish* creatures in the game and how they were dealt with. It was also so spooky and loved playing the game and going through the story!

I did feel that though the story seemed to drop off at the end and there didn't really seem a point to it as nothing happened except a reference to the name of the game which... Didn't really fit. Maybe something spooky happening to the nephew or like a battle would have made the story more tied in and fit well!

Also the creeper-darkness part was a bit annoying as once the  monster spots you, there's no point in running away as you can't. Making that boss fight room a little larger and the ability to run away and hide would have made it way more scary as it would have given each attempt more of a reason to run and keep trying and hence made it scarier! 

That being said, it was still a really enjoyable game, scary and well made! Congrats on making it and good luck with future projects!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed! Yes, the end is very abrupt, hope I can fix it sometime.

About the darkness part, it has trapdoors to hide, if that's what you mean.

Oh, there were trapdoors? I never realised that!

Never thought I would play a Minecraft horror game. The spider part got me good


love this game and really got myself a scared

very buggy, but this game was fun


Great horror game.

Good horror game

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