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Build a snowman following the instructions your grandpa told you once, and watch how a Christmas miracle does it´s magic this winter! Surely nothing wrong could happen so close to holidays...

Join a short scary adventure with the Stevensons as you discover an ancient secret that has been running in the blood of your family for millenia in this game inspired by  both the christmas story of Frosty, and Lovecraftian creatures.

Merry Christmas, and brace for his arrival.

Even though this game hasn´t been for a game jam, I still had to make it in quite a short timespan. This has been done in around 3 weeks (which is 1 week more than The Trees Holding Heaven).

After The Curtain Call
The Trees Holding Heaven A Craft Of Mine

Madrid: Legends From Underground

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Christmas, Creepy, Fantasy, First-Person, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Short, Singleplayer


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Cute ending, you should make a prequel to this where you play as the father/grandpa, would be cool.

The Sinister Side of Snowmen: Time to Rethink Olaf & Frosty Forever! (1st Game & I absolutely loved it! Please make part 2!) 

Very creepy

I played this in my Christmas horror games video in December and I really like this game! The story was interesting and there were parts that really sent chills down my spine. The ending part made me freak out too haha.

It was the last game I played in this video!

un bv
un videojuego con una historia impresionante !!! espero que sigas trayendo tan buenos trabajos como estos a la comunidad <3 sigue asi : ) !!! saludos desde buenos aires
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I had  so much fun playing this game!

This game was honestly awesome loved the story behind it.

This was so good!

This game was truly a blast to play. Idk if it was just me, but I got some mad Bendy and the Ink Machine vibes from this game. I definitely think this game has mad potential. Great work!

Thank you! But if you thought this has BATIM vibes, you should check out my other game After The Curtain Call! It is way more inspired in it's style. Only Act 1 is out, but Act 2 is coming early this year and will feature more detailed scenarios inspired on Bendy and the Dark Revival!


ese hombre de nieve me atrapo


This was a great game to come back too! Thanks for making it!

dialogue bit too long

Check out the gameplay! (No commentary)

10/10 game btw :)

Comments below clip:

Anyone that's ever built a snowman should be able to relate to this game. Besides its stunning graphics and immersive storyline, the player is taken on a tour du force [as the French so eloquently put it] where the paradigm of of time shifts between the then and now. Where the past casts it shadows over the future and where you have to decide what will happen next. Will the future ever be the same? Will you look at snowmen ever the same...?

I, for one, will not and don't.

What a wonderful game. What a wonderful story. What wonderfully executed game and story.

5 stars, well deserved!

I didn't run into any bugs, hiccups or other snags, so kudos to all involved, and thanks for making this game!

i love this CALM game sm! so funny and scary ;D


I need to memorize this instruction for the snowman х)


I loved they game. Loved building the snowman and loved the story. The game wasn't scary but it was fun to play. Great Jobs Devs.



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10/10 Great game looking forward for more! 

I organized each scene(NO COMMENTARY GAMEPLAY) : 

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this was incredibly fun, and I'd love to see more of this. Smooth, simple gameplay; there was a lot unneeded dialogue, nonethelesss it was greathttps://youtu.be/VbzDSBgfqfs?si=caPpUv9WMlx1y7Z8

This was incredibly fun, and I'd love to see more of this. Smooth, simple gameplay; funny dialogue that didn't overextend, and an overall great little game that lasted just long enough to leave me wanting more. Definitely checking out your other titles in the future!


Gameplay BR

This was a really fun game to play! Played this a while ago but hadn't posted it here yet. Thanks for the game :D
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Awesome game! Even though Christmas is over, I was still looking forward to playing this and I'm glad that had the chance to. I enjoyed playing this game. I also saw some of your other games and they look pretty interesting. I'll be sure to check them out in the near future!


Very fun game. Interesting backstory and a creepy-looking snowman.

so fun

Thank you for allowingus to play your game!

i enjoyed the different perspectives on the level such as playing the child and the mum!

I did take far too long knowing what item to lookl for but thats just my dumbass not knowing where to go

i made a video if that peaks your interest

Also just to add, i notcied i have a copyright restiction for music while i was getting the carrot. My channel isn't monetized so not a major issue but just incase there is any porblem for future is all the music copyright free?

do you know the steps to build a snowman?

Nice game was fun

This Is Good

:D :DD


Cool game, made an awesome video with it :))

I love how the game took a dark turn, hopefully there's a part 2!

This game was pretty crazy!!! I enjoyed it though. Happy Holidays!!! (gameplay @ 18:07)

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