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Build a snowman following the instructions your grandpa told you once, and watch how a Christmas miracle does it´s magic this winter! Surely nothing wrong could happen so close to holidays...

Join a short scary adventure with the Stevensons as you discover an ancient secret that has been running in the blood of your family for millenia in this game inspired by  both the christmas story of Frosty, and Lovecraftian creatures.

Merry Christmas, and brace for his arrival.

Even though this game hasn´t been for a game jam, I still had to make it in quite a short timespan. This has been done in around 3 weeks (which is 1 week more than The Trees Holding Heaven).

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Tags3D, Atmospheric, Christmas, Creepy, Fantasy, First-Person, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Short, Singleplayer


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Thank for this game !

Thanks for playing it! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it!

love your game thank you so much :):):):)

Thanks for playing it! I remember you also made a viedo on my other game The Trees Holding Heaven. Hope to see you in future games too

I did not read far enough to find out this is a spooky game. 10/10 going to recommend it to everybody.

Thanks! That means a lot!

I had a lot of fun with this game! It looked great, sounded great as well, good work :)


Thanks! I honestly think the visuals are outstanding for someone such as myself who has no idea of good graphics in most of my games. I'm really glad so much people liked this!


Really glad you loved!

I loved the lore and curious if it was based off a folklore? 
Wasn't too creepy for me but a lot of fun little horror game regardless!
Great Job SirTartarus!
PS: Already been brought up in the comments, the song around when you first make the snowballs for the snowman will hit you with a Copywrite Claim if you plan on making YT content.

Thanks for playing and making a video! I´m sorry for those bugs, like restarting the game or the elevator. I made a new version which should fix that. The game really goes crazy for some reason.

also sorry about the copyright, i didn´t know about that, even tough I found it in a place where it should not have copyright.

Many of my games and analog horror videos are based on ancient myths or folklore. Strangely, this one is not the case. The game is inspired by both Frosty the snowman and Lovecraft´s creatures.

This one god, Ons' Thasnou, I made it up myself. It was a really fun concept for a christmas horror story.
On a more subconscious manner, maybe it is inspired on many ancient myths that turn something we think we know, into a literal part of somebody (Sobek´s sweat is the Nile, the Earth is the corpse of a giant, or humans as the pieces of the greek titan´s corpses).

Fun fact: Ons' Thasnou´s name is based on Lovecraft´s way of writing deity´s names (like Cthulhu), but it´s pronunciation is similar to "Once the snow".

It s all good! Bugs add some silly fun to games sometimes! And it wasn't game breaking. Still could play/finish the game, curious if I could have gotten by it the thing... trying to keep spoilers at a minimum and explored... the hallway behind it...

I was researching and I guess that artist has a patreon... I think or a similar service that if you subscribe to it, this was 3am research and half brained at the time, then I guess, DYOR, gives permission to use their music but I get it, gets confusing, editing wise, we can cut the music out of the videos so isn't that big of a deal, just don't know as a game there is any worry. Weirdness of monetization/copywrite but I'm not that cool on YT to have those worries haha. Thought about cutting it out myself and overlaying with a different song but already made a comment during play about the song so figure, screw it, keep it true and green lit it haha

Love the idea of it and totally thought it could have been a folklore thing! Just played through your other game with the woods and ghosts... name escapes me for a second I remember forest and heaven haha, Very creative and enjoyed that aspect, lovecraft/christmas horror story! Cool name idea! I'm awful at name pronunciation so butchering is a must for me haha Gave me slight nostalgic vibes of Werewolf the Apocalypses a little bit, thing there is a tribe that purpose to watch and imprison "evil" beings from causing destruction. Funny side thoughts of the being and yellow snow...
Thanks for hitting back with some answers, always like thinking more about horror games and what's going on in the background and such! Stuff might go over my head sometimes during play but from cults and demons, like a little more lore, keep up the great work! Have to explore more out your games/projects!

Thought this was going to be pants but it actually was really good. Enjoyed this a lot.

Glad you liked it!

I tried to upload this game but I am getting copyright claims from your game music and when I try to dispute it got rejected.

The song used is in the credits in the game, and i got it from pixabay. I really didn't know that could happen.

Maybe it happened in other videos too, I just haven't been told.

Sorry about it, and thanks for playing!

pretty fun game, Snowman with Instant transmission

Don't know what that last phrase means, but infact it is a snowman with instant transmission, I say

Nice game!


I can't collect the antlers for the snowman's arms. Why is that?

That's cuz it's not what you are supposed to do xdd. Further in the story is explained why that might be there, but it is not the arms actually.

My fault for not noticing that would be misunderstood. Sorry about it!

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What are the arms, anyways? I think it's twigs.

EDIT: I broke the game: when the snowman monster started to run towards me, I backed up too much and broke the elevator sequence.


I´ve seen that happen in some gameplays, however I wont fix it until I have seen enough bugs to make a complete overhaul to the game. Thanks for telling anyways!

cool game! cheers!

Vraiment super !

I really enjoyed this. Lots of funny and suspenseful moments that just really blended together nicely. Thank you for teaching me how to build a snowman and how to avoid summoning demons. 

I made a video on your game as well if you're interested :)

Thanks for making a video! Really happy you enjoyed!

13:06 to 28:07 for How to Build a Snowman!

First off, the art style for this game is fantastic! For a game made in 3 weeks the fact that you made so many different areas each with its own look is admirable. 
Also, and I wasn't expecting this, the lore/story was also pretty intriguing! I wouldn't mind seeing more of this it's genuinely interesting!

The only complaint I have is that it is slightly buggy. I experienced a hard crash once I left the shed.
Also during editing I noticed that on my first run of the chase sequence I actually made it and was being lowered to the final section, but was still caught (I'm not sure if this is intentional or not). This led me to questioning what to do as I thought I had to do something else, which was a little frustrating. Thankfully, I found out what to do eventually.

Also, a little more direction during certain segments would be helpful. For example I got confused when I had to go to the shed to get the arms and found out I couldn't take the antlers off the skull. I thought I was doing something wrong or the game bugged out when I discovered that I had to leave the shed entirely and walk up to the snowman in order to progress.

Overall, I think that this a really neat little horror game that has decent potential to be expanded upon. I hope to see more of your progress in the future! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

Nice video! Yeah, it really needs some revamping on how directions are indicated, and it really is kinda buggy.

Happy you enjoyed the story and artstyle, really proud o this one for that matter!

Merry Christmas!

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Really cool game


Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed it and made a video! However, I think the video is on private, so i cant see it and I guess neither can anyone xd

(1 edit)

It was scheduled to publish automatically


Ohh sorry about that. Nice video :D

Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave me a like and subscribe at my channnel.

This was an interesting horror game about building a wonderful snowman. I really liked the artstyle and design of the game as the environment for the game looked quite nice. I also liked the rolling snowball game mechanic as well as the different segments of the game which includes *SPOILERS ALERT*, a short maze, running sequence and well-timed jumpscares. It would be good if there were voice actors in the game due to the amount of dialogue.

The only issue I had with the game is the storyline as many parts of the game did not really make sense to me like for instance, Martha's son appearing at the end of the game to help Martha all of a sudden. The sudden change in the storyline of the game, from building a snowman to Martha trying to find her son to Martha becoming a shaman to stop a horrible monster from destroying the world can be executed. It felt abit too rushed as I felt as though I was suddenly thrown into the world of exorcising the snowman. 

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Thanks for playing and making a video, I'm happy you enjoyed!

I've seen it and liked it, but I saw you were seemingly confused in some parts of the game (which is understandable, I know for a fact I'm not quite good communicating to the player). I will fix those parts to make them more funcional and understandable as soon as I have time!

Hi, I'm currently playing and I wanted to know if the elevator was supposed to be that long or if I just broke the game ^^'

Ok i broke the game XD 

Sorry about that! If you tell me anything you think may be the cause of the bug, I'll work on it as soon as I can!


hi, i attempted to play the game but i can't seem to get the game to run. After i click 'start' it enters a scene with a window and with the main menu music playing in the background which I can't move or anything.


ye me too ive been staring at the window for at least 5 mins and still nofink pops up =w=

My mistake! That game breaking bug is now fixed! Thanks for telling me! I wouldn´t have noticed