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You are the new electrician of the Goldshine Theatre, and so, you don't only have to move the spotlight, but also fix all the electric circuits that may break around the building.
However, something wanders the theatre, and the actors are... acting different

Play your part. Follow the script.

Currently only ACT 1 and some extras are in the game. It may take around 15 min to complete it, since it's pretty short yet! However, if you support and share the game, more chapters will arrive!

Eres el nuevo electrista del Teatro Goldshine, y por tanto, no solo tienes que mover el foco del escenario, sino que también has de arreglar cualquier desperfecto de los circuitos del edificio.
Sin embargo, algo merodea el teatro, y los actores están... actuando de forma extraña.

Haz tu papel. Sigue el guión.

Ahora mismo solo el ACTO 1 y algunos extras están en el juego. Puede tomar 15 minutos completar el juego en su totalidad, ya que es muy corto aún. ¡Pero si apoyáis y compartís el juego, más capítulos llegarán!

About Act 2:

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Action, Adventure
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Fantasy, First-Person, Horror, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian, Spanish; Latin America
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


After The Curtain Call.zip 261 MB

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I really want more of this game and hope that Act two gets completed! The artistic style and themes and voice acting is really fun and interesting. I loved the bonus extra as well!

This game was well done. The puzzles weren't hard, and the scares were just right. I am very interested in seeing where this all goes. 

I NEED MORE!! This is an awesome concept the voice actors are great! I can't wait to see what's in store for this game!

I think this has a lot of potential to be a good series.  I enjoy the lore of this game being presented through books & how the monsters/jumpscares aren't overdone.  It gives you just enough to be scared without overdoing it.

I really enjoyed this game.  It has so much potential.  I can't wait until Act 2!

I really enjoyed the game, looking forward to the next one.  Did get me to scream at one point haha  Good job guys.  

I loved this! Was such a cool concept and loved the story behind it.. im not sure if I did everything I was suppose to but I got the ending so I’m assuming so? Lol. I really liked it a lot!

here is my video if anyone is interested in watching. Thanks in advance! 


Leuk gedaan, vooral het cartooneffect.

Can not wait for act 2 :)

Played this on a 3 scary games, really nice demo, looking forward to seeing what comes next!
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What an amazing game! I cant wait for act 2! The graphics, the speech at the start was really good! 10/10 

This was an absolute blast to play. Loved the tension, the slightly silly animation of the characters, and overall I just loved every second of it. Can't wait to enjoy Act 2, you have a real talent for game dev. Keep up the great work!

Nice game! Looking forward to act 2... :)

Good Job

If u dont mind me asking,Is act 2 almost done?

Almost almost done! Give it 2 months max and itll be up!

I'm really excited, as it will as well make the Act 1 more intense!

Great little game with a intriguing story. SO EXCITED FOR ACT 2 

Thanks, nice video!

Act 2 will come soon, improving a lot how the Act 1 looks and feels :D

what is the release date for act 2?

No date confirmed, but in the next few months ;)

necesito ayuda, el juego no se me ejecuta y solo se queda la pantalla en negro,solo se escucha la música de fondo.

alguien que me explique porfavor :(

Well, its pretty good, but we need more. The concept is good but the story is too short. Anyways it is good and I like it

The story will continue! Act 2 is almost done. This Act 1 is basically just a demo!

This is awesome! I saw a recommended this game by some close friends! As someone who does theater, I'm obsessed with this! 100/10   

Thanks! It really means a lot! I really hope i can get Act 2 out soon!

any update on act 2 coming anytime soon?


The Dialogue hasn't been written in English yet, and so I haven't contacte the voice actors yet, and so I still have to animate every dialogue.

On the other hand, everything has been programmed already, so the second act is prepared already. I'm going on a small vacation and after that I hope to ask the voice actors.

Its coming soon!

I absolutely love the concept behind this game! The artstyle, music, and voice acting altogether created a very immserive atmosphere that I really liked. There were also a few spooks throughout that definetly got me (:P). So many questions were left open at this end of this act, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

played this back in april and forgot to link it here. loved the game, can't wait for more! 

Review y gameplay del juego en español!

Great story, graphics and artstyle!

Can't wait to see what's to come :)

i hade a good time with this can’t wait to see what else happens 

Can't wait for act 2!

I enjoyed it a lot, good work :)


Thanks for playing and making a video! (I saw it long ago though xdd)

wonderfully made! really looking forward to the next one! hopefully it will come out soon! :}

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed!

I'm currently working on the Act 2. Really raw and far from finished, but progress is being made!
Hopefully, it will be longer than Act 1!

awesome1 but please do remeber to take time for yourself and drink wate and eat food! <3

Will do! Many thanks!



That's very kind of you :D If you want to support the game, maybe share it to people so it can be seen?
I'm working on the Act 2, and I hope it lives up for the challenge!

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how many acts will there be

To be honest, I'm not sure! I know the story I want to tell, but dividing it is a bit difficult. Act 2 and Act 3 are mostly all thought trough, tough!


This was really cool! I liked the style you went there as well. Very cartoonish. Hope to see more of it soon!


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed! It's really inspired by Bendy's style, but the color palette is from a photo of a real theatre. I thought that would make it stand out :)

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On the works ;)

A new type of game. It was fun AND EVENTFUL! Would love to see Act 2 soon. 

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoy! I think Act 2 will have even more things happening, so expect more of that :D




Really well done. Spooky and interesting. Looking forward to act II.


Thanks for playing (this one and The Trees Holding Heaven)! I'm glad you liked it!


You're welcome. Thanks for making them!


I like it! Keep it up!!!! Only thing I could wish for is a bit of a faster pace


Thanks for playing and making a video! Yeah, maybe it's pretty slow. Hopefuly Act 2 will be longer, yet have enough events to make it a bit more fluid.


I included your game in my video - (8:25)


Thanks for playing :D Sorry it got stuck, that's weird. Will fix that hopefuly when Act 2 comes out.


A well-made short horror. Looking forward to playing Act 2, soon!


Thanks for playing! I really enjoyed watching the video, feels great watching your own game as if it was a movie xd


I'm really happy you enjoyed the video 😁 do you know when act 2 will be available? Can't wait to see what will happen to our electrician. You have built a very interesting story and environment, and also the voices of the various characters in the game sound very theatrical. Well done, SirTartarus!


Thanks for that! Act 2 will come, but not immediately. I want to finish a project or two first.

I did start writing the story of Act 2, so I do have an idea on how it's gonna go!

Me encantó. Qué gran trabajo de doblaje.
Espero que pronto hagan el acto 2 porque me encantaría jugarlo.

Gracias! Tanto como pronto probablemente no estará, pero llegará en su momento :D

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